The Oil Men is a multimedia journalism project about the oil boom in North Dakota. A group of journalists will be telling the story of how a small town was transformed overnight into a bustling nearly all-male metropolis, and looking at what the environmental and cultural consequences might be. Its led by journalist Blaire Briody, with Brad DeCecco, Ashley Panzera, and Will Christiansen on photos and video.


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    • Hi I am looking to land a job working in the oil field in ND I was in Minot for a Oil field service Job but that did not work out for me. Im currently in Ponsford MN with my grand parents looking for a job in ND. I want to land a Job as a rig hand do you have any tips for me or places that I should be looking? I do plan on goin to Williston asap. Please call me some time Im a blogger as well on wordpress.com http://IlluminationSociety.com Im ortganily from Rochester NY look for my black gold rush. 1-585-236-9858 Anyone who has job tips please feel free to call me as well. Thanks much love. Daniel Leach jr

  1. How do I get in contact with one of the local writers? I am a fellow journalist…need to chat about a story…time sensitive

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