Opening Night at Gallatin Galleries

As I wrote in my last post, The Oil Men team was thrilled to learn that photos and video from our time in North Dakota last summer would be featured in a show called “Another Green World” at NYU’s Gallatin Galleries in NYC, running from now until October 15. Ashley Panzera and Brad DeCecco attended opening night last Friday and snapped some photos of the event. Congrats to the whole team for a spectacular start to the show, and a special thanks to Keith Miller for making it happen.

Opening night gallery1

Opening night at the Gallatin Galleries

Opening night gallery3

Director Ashley Panzera and sound engineer Ben Marshall

Opening night gallery4

Photos by Brad DeCecco



The Oil Men Featured at Gallatin Galleries in NYC

Exciting news! For anyone in the NYC area, photos and video from The Oil Men project will be presented at NYU’s Gallatin Galleries during a special show called “Another Green World,” running from September 12 through October 15, 2014. Check it out! The opening reception is tonight from 5-7pm, and Ashley Panzera and Brad DeCecco will both be there. Below is more info and a sampling of the work you’ll see.


Photo by Brad DeCecco


Photo by Brad DeCecco