Trailer Livin

Many people ask me where a I plan to live when I’m in North Dakota. It’s a good question, since there’s a housing shortage and if you do happen to find an available place, the rent rivals a Manhattan penthouse. The solution? A trailer park.

I never thought I’d want to live in a trailer park at the age of 29 (okay, maybe briefly at 16 when I pictured myself running away from home and doing anything and everything to disappoint my parents (sorry again about that lovely parents)) but to be honest, now I’m kind of excited. I picture myself in cowboy boots, kicking up dust, and carrying a can of Budweiser as I waste hours sitting around in a fold-up chair people watching. Could be fun, right? Sort of a Friday Night Lights meets Into the Wild.

Those same lovely parents have offered to lend me their TrailManor camper and tow it the 1,500 miles from Mt. Shasta, California to a trailer park in Williston, North Dakota. I’m attaching photos of it. Any name suggestions? I was thinking Thelma (from Thelma and Louise), Lucille (because it sounds right), or Tammy Taylor (FNL for life!).


Image                                                 The living room and master bedroomImage                                              Teeny tiny toilet


6 thoughts on “Trailer Livin

  1. Hi Blaire!! You trailer trash you!! Haha. I’m so excited for your adventure!! Your new place looks like fun, but I think you need to downgrade to some pabst blue ribbon..Budweiser might be a little high class.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of “oilfield trash”! I hope your trip to NoDak goes smoothly! I had to come home to take care of some business, but will be back in ND in about 3 weeks. Hope I get a chance to meet up with you when I get back! Take care!

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