The Oil Men has been fully funded!

Some exciting news! The Oil Men’s crowdfunding campaign was a success! We received over $10,100 in contributions from 87 backers! I’m overjoyed and feeling incredible grateful for all the people who helped make it happen.

As much as my romanticized idea of a nonfiction writer is taking off at a moment’s notice, traveling to dangerous places, and holing oneself up in a cabin for months to write, I’m realizing now how important a support team is, at least for me. I now have 87 people who are invested in this project and care deeply about seeing it through to the end.  I can afford to bring a photographer and videographer with me and build a team of dedicated people who are as passionate about the project as I am. This is such a blessing, and as much as we criticize the increasingly digital world we live in, funding a project like this likely wouldn’t have been possible in an earlier time. It’s a reminder for me to embrace the present and all the resources it offers.

I want to thank everyone again who helped make this project possible, and if you didn’t have a chance to get involved and still want to, the project is still live and rewards remain available for purchase over at


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